2018 Art on Stage by Suendrini

Stay tuned for more details on Suen's creation planned for 2018!

2017 Art on Stage by Suendrini

Original, handcrafted up cycled textile art returns to County Pop 2017! Off the heels of receiving the Helen Gregor Award as part of Craft Ontario’s 40th Anniversary, Suendrini once again brings her eco-friendly spotlight as part of her on-going body of work, Artful Waste, to the environmental concerns of climate change.

One way to empathize with nature is by being true to science; denying science
is not sustainable. Below is her concept sketch and a poem she wrote.

Long View Wonder
Visualizing the importance of Science & Nature
Time asks “Is truth dead?”
Gore states truth can be inconvenient.
The way things are playing out…
Come on quit being lenient!

Mother Earth has no time for tears, fears and jeers.
As we adjust our eyes, we harm her at our peril.
So it’s a good thing we’ve got Atwood, Young, Suzuki, Smith
And of course golden Meryl.

On this island in Eastern Ontario,
here’s the scenario…

Come visualize the importance of Nature and Science
A synthesized aesthetic solution of present day events.
Here Nature and Science will serve as a point of convergence
Through an enviro-creative lens.

In other words my textiles are bee and science-friendly.
Sharing my next original up-cycled piece on the main stage,
I’m humbled and getting ready…
Come on heavenly bodies, get on the same page
Cause County Pop’17 is all the rage!


Suendrini’s latest up cycled textile piece, Long View Wonder is inspired by
the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) and bees with their honeycomb
hives. These two natural and scientific marvels in their familiar structural
forms will pop in harmony, while contrasting colour, texture and symbolic
patterns play with the twinkling County Pop banner.

The JWST’s eighteen, golden mirror segments and the thriving beehive,
rendered in up cycled textiles will attempt to lead your imagination to a
deeper engagement with both nature and science. The concept reflects upon
the scope and depth of the informed scientific consensus based upon truths
that will echo for generations.

Here are 3 notable resources from her research that informed her latest work:




You can follow Suendrini for upcoming progress pictures in preparation for
the show at Instagram (artful_waste) and/or twitter (@ArtfulWaste) and
learn more about her work at http://suendrini.com/textile-art-on-stage, or
watch this video that tells the story of her work from last year:

 Suendrini's art makes the County Pop 2016 stage really pop!

Suendrini's art makes the County Pop 2016 stage really pop!