2019 County Pop Festival Wrap and Thanks


Saturday, May 4, 2019 - This is what it looked like when Jill Barber took the stage at County Pop 2019. The all-ages crowd inside the beautiful Crystal Palace was ready to give her a proper PEC welcome to the fourth annual edition of the festival. The kids were jumping, and everyone was dancing, as the band kicked into her latest hit ‘Girls Gotta Do’. Jill’s sparkling outfit was perfectly framed by the beautiful art piece framing the stage. It was a perfect conclusion to a day filled with music, art, food and family.

Grace Bongard and her band get the crowd pumped up! (Photo by Bob Ullrich)

Grace Bongard and her band get the crowd pumped up! (Photo by Bob Ullrich)

ARTISTS - A big thanks go out to all of our artists who performed as part of the show across two different stages including:

Main Stage Artists: Jill Barber (Vancouver), The Peter Elkas Band (Toronto), The Durham County Poets (Chateauguay Valley, Quebec), Grace Bongard (PEC), The Layrite Boys (Toronto)

Songwriter's Stage Artists: Norris & Jones, Lori Farrington, Travis Hamel, Nicole Lisa Craig.

Special thanks to Craig Foster for being our second Songwriter's Stage emcee, doing sound and helping everything run on time!

ART ON STAGE - Thanks very much to Suendrini for creating our 2019 Art on Stage installation. She uses recycled fabrics to create original pieces with an environmental theme. MAKE THE WORLD GRETA AGAIN is the title of the installation she is created for our 2019 County Pop stage. This year’s creation alludes to our collective struggle and amplifies an inspired achievement, surrounding the dire climate issue. Learn more about Suen's work - http://suendrini.com.

LEAD SPONSORS - Our lead sponsors provide the financial support that helps us to keep our ticket prices down and we thank them for that! Our lead sponsors this year included Parsons Brewing, County Cider, Sandbanks Winery, Kinsip Spirits.  

FESTIVAL SPONSORS - Our festival sponsors help us make this event happen and provide the parts to make it work so well.  We sincerely appreciate the support of County FM 99.3, The Wellington Times, Outside Music, Exclaim.ca, Frere Du Nord, The June Motel, Vintage Map Co, Books & Company, Humble Bread, Pyramid Ferments, PELC, 91X Radio, The Regent Theatre, County T-Shirts. The event was presented by Zunior.com.

Norris & Jones headline our second Songwriter’s Stage (Photo by Bob Ullrich)

Norris & Jones headline our second Songwriter’s Stage (Photo by Bob Ullrich)

VENDORS - Thanks to all of food vendors including Outlet Food Co, JK Fries, PICNIC Food Truck, and Kaleidoscope Catering. ! Also thanks to our drinks vendors including Parsons Brewery, County Cider, Sandbanks Winery, Kinsip Spirits, The Pour Over Co, and Lemonade Dave.

STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS - Big thanks go out to the team that worked our front gate all day long including Jen Sills, Emily Cowan,  and Helen Hawketts.  Much appreciation goes to our set-up and tear-down crew including Steve Mee, all our front gate team, and so many friends and family. Thanks to Albert Ullrich for making the Arduino/Bluetooth-controlled County Pop logo, and Bob Ullrich for making the 2019 event commercial. The kids area was sponsored by The County and Krista Dalby from Small Pond Arts, along with Treese Moore, helped create a band of kids in cool handmade capes and face paint! Thanks to Books & Company for selling tickets, and providing the folding walls. Thanks to Craig McMillan for selling merch. Joel Yearsley and Will from Kingston KSound provided the stage sound. Our backstage artist area was in the capable hands of Nella Casson as our official County Pop Band Concierge, doing a great job to ensure the musicians had all the essentials.  Thanks to Humble Bread,  and Pyramid Ferments for providing backstage food for our artists.  Thanks so much to Sydney Ullrich for creating our amazing 2019 poster graphics! Thanks to AVNK Security from Peterborough for helping to make sure the event was safe and secure. A big thanks to Lisa Lindsay, Richard Lightfoot, Rob and all the facilities staff at the Crystal Palace for their support before, during and after the show. A tip of the the hat to Chris, Sam and the Parsons team for hosting a gathering at their brewery after the event. Thanks to Lori Farrington, Emily Cowan, Isabelle Patton, and Helen Hawketts for assisting on various tasks behind the scenes for months to help get this event together.

Swag Bags - The first 50 groups/families at the gate got one of our handmade swag bags. Thanks to  Isabelle Patton from Books & Company who helped us gather treats from these great local PEC businesses:

Books and Company
Lily’s Cafe

City Revival
Invisible Publishing
Downie/Wenjack Foundation
Lemonade Dave
Pet Valu
Vintage Map Co

Please support these businesses and thank them personally for their support of live music in Prince Edward County. Thanks also go to Frere du Nord, Kinsip Spirits and Vintage Map Co for providing additional bonus gifts for our artist swag bags. 

The next generation of Canadian music fans in our Kids’ Area (Photo by Bob Ullrich)

The next generation of Canadian music fans in our Kids’ Area (Photo by Bob Ullrich)

Prince Edward Learning Centre- The event itself serves to raise funds for Prince Edward Learning Centre, and $1 from every ticket sold goes to support the great work they do for literacy and education in The County.

FEEDBACK - We plan to do this again next year on Saturday, May 2, 2020 and we'd love to hear what you thought of the 2019 event, and what you might like to see next year. Feel free to post comments on our social media feeds anytime.

We'll continue to post more photos in the coming days on social media using our event hashtag #countypop and we encourage you to do the same.

On behalf of the full team at County Pop Music Festival 2019, thanks for coming and we hope to see you again in 2020! 

Dave Ullrich
County Pop Music Festival Organizer