The County Pop Manifesto

  1. Music - Provide a forum to present established and local music in an environment with top quality sound, innovative lighting and one-of-a-kind artistic stage design.  We believe in the value of original music, and the power of original songs to tell unique stories.  

  2. People - Provide opportunities to involve individuals/groups that might may not usually get the chance to participate in community events, such as the students from Prince Edward Learning Centre. Also, we believe that it is important to make the festival open to all ages to help further grow music culture in The County.

  3. Local Business -  Local business is the engine that drives growth and creates jobs in The County. We will offer free avenues to allow local County business owners to grow their business by promoting upcoming offers/products/events heading into the busy summer months.  This includes promotions via the County Pop Folio (a free gift given to every ticket buyer), social media/website promotion and onsite demos and displays.

  4. Maximum Green - Across all components of the festival, we will seek to create minimal waste, use biodegradable products and compost/recycle wherever possible.

  5. The County - We believe that the Spring season is when the County ‘pops’ and this event kicks off the celebration of the natural beauty of the County.  The festival provides an opportunity for people to gather in the heart of the County at the historic Crystal Palace, and participate in the timeless tradition of revelling in music, food and family to welcome the unique magic that is springtime in the County.

County Pop will make a charity donation of $1 for every ticket sold to Prince Edward Learning Centre.  We love the work they do and you can learn more about them by clicking right here.